Love Eggs Kegels & Dilators

LELO Luna Beads

£53.99 inc VAT
£40.99 inc VAT
£53.99 inc VAT
£24.98 inc VAT

Bullets & Mini Vibes

Screaming O Rub-it! Pink

£41.48 inc VAT
She is in charge
Hes in charge 113

Cock Rings and Cages

Screaming O PrimO Minx – Merlot

£17.60 inc VAT
£33.98 inc VAT
£8.39 inc VAT
£11.41 inc VAT
£57.85 inc VAT
£12.49 inc VAT
£3.59 inc VAT

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    Elegant and sexy TIGHTS & HOSIERY

    Beautiful tights in Skin with a delicate pattern on the bottom and from the mid-leg downwards. A line is added to the design to give an eye-catching effect. This product is part of the Hush Hush collection by Ballerina and is presented in luxury embossed packaging.


    Fancy Gifts

    Who could resist lingerie made from sweets?This fabulous bra is made from hundreds of sherbety sweets just like the sweet necklaces and bracelets you buy from the sweet shop.

    n3101 candy bra new 1
    YX142 bwlogo 2

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